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In-House Commissions

  Being on location, or at a nearby site, David can focus entirely on the painting also allowing the commissioning party to photograph the creation as it unfolds providing providence and visual participance.

"It's great to work in this way, as i get a more powerful take on the energy of the clients i am working with, taking in all the colours and concepts of my surrounds and adding that atmosphere into the painting. It's a groovy thing to take a blank canvas and turn it into a snapshot of time,enviroment and the people i am with, be it in the Australian Outback or downtown Frankfurt. It gives me the opportunity to look at where the pieces are going to hang and then customise the works to suit the colours and decor accordingly. Then i can also help to hang them, which means i get to see the whole effect a painting of mine has in it's new home. I love that!"

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