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Started painting June 1999 and exhibiting September 1999

*Painted in front of 250,000 people live in Geelong football stadium – mobile and upright. Began the AFL live paintings April 2000

*Ambassador Coastline BMW 2001 to 2004

*Commissioned to paint the Art Project Car BMW 2002

*David Edward Conolan Gallery opened in Cable Beach Club Resort Broome April 2003

*Commissioned by the Australian War Memorial, Canberra in April 2002 for six paintings; poppies, wattle and rosemary

*Commissioned by Queensland RSPCA,May 2002 The‘Million Paws’ painting

*Western Australian Museum Perth,‘Cockatoo’s by Conolan’ fundraising exhibition, August 2002, where David handed over two paintings of the endangered Baudin’s Cockatoo’s to the Museum for use in fundraising efforts for endangered Cockatoo’s

*Year of the Outback 2002 Ambassador’

*In partnership with Clipper Pearls of Broome, created ‘The Dragon Suite’ a collection of 17 lusciously encrusted pearl, gem and gold dust smothered paintings with 1/8th of Clippers 2004 harvest

*F 3 art car for the Australian Grand Prix 2005

*2009 launch of the David Edward Conolan Jewellery range

*100 solo exhibitions in Australia and overseas


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